Sunday, 29 August 2010

Claudines Beaded Jewellery is online.

Claudines Beaded Jewellery has been making and selling beaded jewellery for some time now, and has wanted to raise her profile.

A few days ago I got a facebook request to help Claudine  - the result?

This site (still in its infancy) is low cost, very flexible to manage and able to be editted and customised by Claudine. Claudine can add and change anything in the site herself, publish news online, add photos, videos and any other rich content.

As this is very similar to her facebook galleries Claudine has taken to this like a duck to water.

Claudine can also have me setup quicklinks like

Pretty cool I if you are in the need of New, Recycled and/or Repaired Beaded Jewellery then check out ...and if you like what you see why not go to her facebook page and give her a review.

Watch this space as I'm sure the site will evolve and change over will certainly be easier to find as I am setting up a solid web profile for it with suitable directory listings.

Comments care of Mason Parker - Internet Coach